Our main partners:
NELO: www.nelo.eu
World leader in inline racing, top manufacturer in slalom, surf-ski, sea and Handikayak, kayak-online exclusive importer.

BRACA: www.braca-sport.com
The best-known manufacturer of competition paddles, our preferred partner for over 15 years!

KAPE: www.kabaikayak.hu
Hungarian manufacturer, racing and fitness boats, very good value for money, proven reliability.
English manufacturer of canoeing and kayaking clothing

GUMOTEX: www.gumotex.cz
Czech manufacturer of quality kayaks and inflatable canoes.
New Zealand manufacturer of cadencemeters
Italian manufacturer of rotomolded kayaks.
Manufacturer of technical underwear
DANSPRINT: www.dansprint.com
Ergometer for canoeing and kayaking
South African lifejacket manufacturer.

DAG: www.dag-kayak.com
French manufacturer of polyethylene canoes and kayaks

ROTOMOD: www.rotomod.com
French manufacturer of polyethylene canoes and kayaks
Australian manufacturer of kayak clothing.
German HTP polyethylene kayak manufacturer, top quality!